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Laurent Coulondre Trio Live :

The above video of Laurent Coulondre Trio is a live performance of the latest studio record that the band made. It is about to be released and includes tunes written by Jeremy and Laurent, and arranged all together, with Pierre Alain Tocanier on Drums.

The trio is already working on a new projects which will be a “Double trio“concept, meaning that within the same set it will mix two instrumentations, with all sorts of combinations possible, but same musicians. A truly personal acoustic and electric sonic universe to discover soon. Here Jeremy plays Electric & Acoutic bass, and Laurent plays Piano, Organ and all sorts of Keyboards.  All brand new originals, groovy, catchy, swinging, eclectic and tasty, keep and eye open, this project shall please your hears…Well at least that’s what we are hoping!;-)


More videos of Jeremy performing in classical recitals, orchestral concerts and jazz as well in the playlists below or in the “Music/ Video”